Wir gehen fremd — wer geht mit?

ScreenShot173Mario Kart 8 trifft die hiesigen Gestade am 30. Mai 2014 — für WiiU. Da PS4 und XO nicht richtig in Schwung kommen mögen, verbringen einige von uns (vielleicht nicht nur?) den Sommer mit Mario Kart — in 720p und 60fps. Weshalb wir deshalb hier eine kleine separate Rubrik einführen? Nintendo kleckert nicht, was die Online-Aspekte des aktuellen Serienablegers betrifft:

Focussing instead on getting the online right is a smart move, as that’s a thing Nintendo are rightly criticised for doing poorly. Here, you can create tournaments, selecting from a multitude of options to truly make the rules apply to your friend group. Moreover, you can make these tournaments run weekly, set the time they start and finish, and even name the opposing teams. Share the created code and you will be playing regularly before you know it. Although I was only able to test the online modes a few times, it did seem very stable, and brutally competitive. At the time of writing, I’ve just finished eight in three consecutive races against people from all around Europe. If you fancy a more quickly accessible approach to online multiplayer, there are options to do it in both solo and two-player mode. (http://goo.gl/brj8VT)

Damit man sich auch weiter diebisch an den Rennen erfreuen kann, bietet Mario Kart weiter Mario Kart TV an:

Mario Kart TV (MKTV) is one of the largest new additions, and allows you to watch a race after finishing and edit the clip with a view to showing it off, thanks to a YouTube upload option. You can change the replay’s focus, be it on the items, boosts, or even specific racers. You can watch your friend’s clips, too, or just check out the best (or most recent) clips worldwide. It’s a nice idea and works well, with the option to “star” up to six completed races to mark them a favourite, but (and I know this is a minor quibble) when you finish a race, the first option highlighted is the replay, whereas most will, after a while, just want to continue onwards, and will have to move down and hit a different option.

Mit anderen Worten — es dürfte großartig werden, vor allem, wenn man mit den eigenen Miis im Kart unterwegs ist:

Also, meine Herren, starten Sie Ihre Motoren, der Juni wird spaßig!